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    Beater nuclear seed peel equipment

    Screw Juicer

    Screw Juicer
    Product name:Screw Juicer
    Category:Beater nuclear seed peel equipment
    Updated:2016/9/23 18:50:22


                                                              Screw juicer


     The main component is enucleated after the flesh, juice, leather bucket into the screw through the juicer, the spiral, the spiral along the direction of the bottom material residue outlet diameter gradually increased and decreased pitch, when the material is the propeller, chamber volume is reduced due to the spiral form of the material in the press. Viewed in the rotational direction of the coil axis of the slag tap from the feed hopper to the direction of clockwise. Material added into the hopper, screw propulsion under pressure, their juice squeezed through the filter into the bottom of the juice is filled, and the waste is formed by an annular space between the screw and the conical section of the discharge regulator, move axially adjustable regulator head size of the gap. Size for clockwise (from the slag tank equipment to look into the hopper end handwheel bearing, pressure head to the left, a gap that is narrowing the gap becomes larger and vice versa.) Change the gap, that adjustment slagging resistance to change slag rate, but if the gap is too small, the strong squeeze, the particles will be part of the slag and the juice is squeezed out together through the filter, although the juice increased, but the quality of the juice of the relative decline in the gap Depending on the size of the user should be specific process requirements. So as to achieve the purpose of automatically separating the juice and bagasse.

    The main technical parameters

    Fruit juice processing capacity1.5T/h
    Screw diameter175mm