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    CO2 mixing machine

    Gas beverage machine

    Gas beverage machine
    Product name:Gas beverage machine
    Category:CO2 mixing machine
    Updated:2016/9/26 16:37:45


                                                                 CO2 mixing machine

      The machine is mainly used in carbonating and mixing of carbonated beverage, such as lemonade, 

    coke, juice etc carbonated drinks. It is main equipment in beverage production line, especially the production of middle and superior quality drink.


     Advanced chemical industry technology is applied in the machine, the transmission medium area is large, low resistance loss, high efficiency, simple construction, and the multistage centrifugal pump which has reliable performance, small noise is applied, this make the whole machine performance assured.

        High precise needle valve and pneumatically actuated angle valve are separately set up in syrup and water pipe, the mixing rate can be adjust accurately by the valve, syrup and water are not flow into each other.

      Gas containing can be adjusted conveniently according to the need of beverage gas containing.

       Auto-control system is set up in the machine, it has characteristic of coordinate action, simple construction, continuous production, high automatic degree.

      Home position cleaning technology process is set up in this machine, it has reasonable construction, chemical sterilization, hot sterilization and cleaning with clean water can be done conveniently. it meets the requirement of food sanitation law.

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