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    RO filter for pure water

    RO filter

    RO filter
    Product name:RO filter
    Category:RO filter for pure water
    Updated:2016/9/26 16:12:08


                                                                                               RO Filter


      Reverse osmosis principle of work is as pure water and saline were ideal semipermeable membrane separated by a semipermeable membrane, it only allows water to pass through while preventing salt water side of the membrane by, the water will spontaneously through a semipermeable membrane into the saline side, this phenomenon is called osmosis, if compression forces in the membrane of the saline side, the water spontaneous flow will be inhibition and slow down, when the pressure reaches a certain value, the net flow of water through the membrane is equal to zero, the pressure is called the osmotic pressure exerted on the membrane, when the saline side pressure is greater than the osmotic pressure, water flow is reversed, the, saline in the water will flow into the pure water side, the phenomenon is water reverse osmosis (RO) processing. 


    Item assembly

    Stainless steel high pressure membrane crake

    RO high pressure bump 2set, nanfang bump

    All kind indicator, pressure indicator, electricity magnetism ,balance device and pipeline valve system

    Online pressure auto protection device

    Online electricity indicator (comply for stability)

    System safe protection

    And alarm system

    System frame

      Connection photos