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    Carton sealing machine

    Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealer

    Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealer
    Product name:Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealer
    Category:Carton sealing machine
    Updated:2016/9/23 20:20:21



                                                Automatic Flaps Folding Carton Sealer

    Main function: auto separate carton, auto carton form, auto fold carton cover, auto carton sealing ect function.


    Main character as follow:

    1、pwer supply:220V/50Hz/600W;

    2、 Carton open speed:10-15carton/m;

    3、 Max carton specification:L410*W275*H230(mm);

    4、 Carton sealing glue size:width 48~60mm ;

    5、 Air source:4.6kg~6.5kg,inlet pipe φ10;

    6、 Carton saving groove one time at least can put 50 uni-form carton, can timly add carton.

    7、 Electricity collocation: Siemens plc controller,tex operation mode, schneider contactor, festo and airtac pneumatic component.

    8、 non glue and non carton alarm function

    9、 carton open type: vetical formal, exit height 600mm, carton form, then mouth top.

    10、 Machine size:L2000*W1995*H1460mm;

    11、 Color: white

    12、 Carton open direction :right to left direction exit

     in addition :

    1、 Carton transport roller adopt to SUS304 stainless steel and anti-corrasion nylon making.

    2、 Carton transport side board adopt to 3mm sus304 stainless steel.