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    Bottle inverse sterilizer

    DP Series Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine

    DP Series Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine
    Product name:DP Series Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Machine
    Category:Bottle inverse sterilizer
    Updated:2016/9/23 19:48:03


                                                                      Bottle inverse sterilizer

      Pour juice bottle sterilizing machine is mainly used for PET packaging PET bottles, tea and other hot drinks after the filling of the bottle, the bottle inside wall or in part without the high-temperature sterilization process for sterilization. The machine is mainly transmitted by the chain system, bottle reversing chain system, rack, bottle flip guides like; This machine automatically flip sterilization and self-reset, and in the sterilization process, simply by a bottle of memory objects from Height temperature on the inner wall of the bottle and cap sterilization, do not add any heat source, to save energy. Fuselage SUA304 materials, elegant, easy to use. Yield5000-20000 bottles / hour, sterilization time 15-40 seconds to choose from.

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